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At Home Reception

We are currently undecided on if we want to have an AHR. If we do, it will be a laid back gathering after the wedding so we can celebrate with family and friends at our new home.  Right now the timing on that is TBD, but it will most likely be the month after our wedding.  Having a BBQ style dinner is currently being considered. :-) As we get closer to the wedding date, we will know for sure what we are doing.

Centerpiece Inspiration

I will have multiple height cylindrical vases filled with fuchsia flowers & water. The candle on top will be silver. There will be tea light candles in clear glass holders all around with small crystals scattered around. The goal is very romantic and warm.

Tablescape Inspiration

Since we are having only a small guest list, I love the idea of one or two retangular long tables with tons of candles centerpieces down the center of the table. It's very intimate, romantic and warm.

AHR Guest Favor ~ Option 1

Popcorn Buffet!! Very fun, unique and different. I haven’t seen many brides doing this yet. Plus everyone loves popcorn!

AHR Guest Favor ~ Option 2

Candy Buffet!!! I love candy buffets and I know our family & friends would love a yummy sugar buzz! 

Wedding Cake...round 2...cupcakes!

For the AHR, I think we’ll go with cupcakes because its much easier for a more “chill” atmosphere, which is what we are going for.