Bridal Style...

I found THE are pics of me trying it on! I won't be wearing the tiara or the veil.

Actual Bridal Jewels

Bling! Stylish and contemporary.  These are it!! (I'm not sure if I'm wearing the necklace.)

DIY Inspiration Bridal Headband

HAIR ACCESSORY: I really like this, but it looks a little too vintage for me. I'll be making my own version with a contemporary flair.  This particular one is from PowderBlueBijoux's shop on

DIY Inspiration Bridal Shoes...for the Ceremony

I like the barefoot sandals, perfect for the beach. I made my own since since I make jewelry.  I'll be using silver pearls with crystals.  I'm thinking I may change the design of the weave.

Actual Reception Shoes

These are it! Silver flip flops. I want to be comfy after our beach wedding! These have a little bling, of course!  They don't cost much, but they look great on!! So...I went for it!

Actual Reception Dress

I'm going to change into this dress once my wedding dress becomes too hot, or heavy. I think this also goes nicely with the flip flops I purchased.

Bride's Bouquet

This is the actual bouquet I will get from Sandals resort...again...nice! Good job Sandals! 

UPDATE: I'm not feeling these flowers any don't go with my colors, plus I really like round bouquets. So I've purchased my own artificial flowers for my bouquet and the grooms boutonniere. I'll post the final product on the DIY Page once they are done.

I found the bouquet pic below on the site.  I won't be using that combo of flowers, but I found something very close. Also, I will be adding rhinestone jewelry instead of the small white flowers. Lastly, my ribbon will be black instead of white.

The groom's boutonniere won't be a Gerber either, but a single fucshia flower with the stem wrapped in black.

DIY Inspiration Flower Pics

Example of a solid cohesive hot fuchsia bouquet. I’ll be looking for two kinds of similar flowers.

The Groom

This is what he has for the ceremony/reception. Clean, fresh and relaxed. A linen white short sleeve shirt and linen khaki color pants. It will go great with his dark fuschia boutonniere.

Groom's Boutonniere

This is the groom's boutonniere included in our matches nicely! Lucky us! :-)

UPDATE: The FI won't be wearing this after all. I am making one that I think will go better with our colors.