I ask that if you take pictures from my bio, please give me the appropriate credit. Thank you!

Monogram (completed 8.23.09)

I just finished my 1st DIY project. I took a couple hours and created a few monograms using Adobe Photo Shop. This is the one I like best. If I have some time before I print the STDs I may try making a few more. But for now, this is the final monogram! These are my photoshop images.

Updated: 9.19.09
Below, I made a few small 2x2 monograms I may use for stickers, labels, ect on different DIY projects.

STDs (completed 8.28.09)

Project #2…check! These are the Photoshop images of our STDs. Clearly, I blanked out our last names and most of the return address portion for internet purposes.

I had 4 designs before I finally perfected this one. I really love it and I’m impressed with my own work! It’s basically the monogram that I made on one side tweaked for the postcard layout and a damask boarder that I created on the back w/ the information.  I uploaded my design on to the postcard using the free Vista Print offer.  Simple, sophisticated, stylish.

When they come in, the pictures of the final product will be on the “all things paper” tab.

DIY Flowers (completed 5.21.10)

My friend Gayle made these for us. I purchased the flowers and bouquet jewelry and she did the rest!
Bouquet: 12 fuchsia tulips and 2 fuchsia azalea bushes; black and pink ribbon, crystal accent stems

Boutonnieres: sprig from azalea bush, black ribbon and rhinestone accent stems

DIY Barefoot Sandals (completed 5.23.10)

I used Swarvoski clear crystals and silver pearls. I used nylon monofilament thread to do the weave. (Yes, this is my big foot! LOL)

DIY Bridal Headband (completed 5.30.10)

I made this myself using a strand of rhinestones, some accent contemporary circle rhinestone pieces and white ribbon with silver accents along the edges. I used nylon monofilament thread and E6000 glue to put it together.  My hair isn't pulled up into the style it will be on the wedding day in the picture...but you get the idea of how it will look.  The pictures don't do it justice. It really shines in the light and its a perfect fit for the style I was going for. Not to big and not to small.

DIY Jewelry ~ Gifts (completed 6.27.10)

I decided to make Swarovski jewelry as thank you gifts for my mom, FMIL and aunt.  The 1st matching necklace, bracelet and earrings are for my mom. The necklace with the starfish is for my aunt and the last one with the round stone is for my FMIL.  I'm going to give them the gifts at dinner the night before the wedding. Hopefully they'll find the items beautiful enough to wear to the wedding.  I had to have someone model them for the pics, but sadly, I found that its very hard to take good pictures of jewelry which does the piece justice.  You can't really see the bling factor in these pics.