Wedding Date : August 7, 2010

Welcome to our planning bio...

I started gathering randam pictures for inspiration from the internet before I even thought abot having a planning bio website.  This was a great idea that I saw alot of other bride-to-be's doing on the  So, I jumped right on in to making one for Kevin and I.  The purpose of this wedding inspiration /wedding bio is to bring together the visual aspect of what I want to achieve for our August 2010 wedding while also showing what I have accomplished made reality!

This website is an on going work in progress and more will be added as the months pass by.

I ask that if you take pictures from my bio, please give me the appropriate credit. Thank you!

**The Knottie Disclaimer: If I have used any of your photos please let me know so that I can credit you!! Or if you'd like your picture removed, page me on the knot DW board**

Thanks for checking out my bio!


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