A little bit about the bride & groom...

About The Bride

Tamara is from Southfield. College graduate with a BBA from Northwood University.  She currently works in the customer service field. She loves to travel and visit new, exciting places. She also enjoys reading, writing, movies, music, dining out, entertaining and trying new things.

About The Groom

Kevin is also a Metro Detroit suburbanite! Kevin also works in field of customer service. He is a proud parent of 2 daughters.  Bianca, 19 and London, 16; who he loves unconditionally.  He is a funny, silly, laid back and easy going guy.  He can be described as a "techie" who knows a lot about electronics and likes to acquire the newest technology. He also enjoys video games, music, movies, going out and watching sports.

This is one of our engagement photos.

How We Met

We met how a lot of couples do in this fast paced 21st century society!! On-line! Kevin contacted me on a urban social networking site a few years ago. Thanks to Yahoo Messenger, we casually talked on-line here and there over the course of a couple years.  Even though we hadn't managed to meet up yet, we kept up with each other on-line.  I like to think that we took so long to meet because we weren't ready for each other yet. :-)

We finally met in January 2009. After our 1st meeting, there was something that just clicked. I knew he would be fun to hang out with, and he felt the same. It was so great to discover that we like a lot of the same things and have a lot of the same values and views. So after a few more meetings, Kevin asked me on our 1st "official" date. It's funny because I remember he clarified that we were just "hanging out"...but then, it was a date!  LOL, that was too cute.  Needless to say, it didn't take long for us both to realize that we had found who we want to spend the rest of our lives with! The rest as they say is history!

The Proposal...how we got engaged! (June 19, 2009)

Kevin surprised me at my mom's home the evening that I returned from a 7 day Girls' vacation in Jamaica...My mom picked up my sister and I at the airport.  When we got to my mothers home, Kevin was there babysitting my niece and nephew.  I came in the door with my luggage, which I proceeded to put down and I went and gave him a big hug while he was sitting on the couch.  I immediately started to chatter on about the trip while opening luggage to pull out souvenirs.  After a minute I noticed, I which It seemed odd to me, that he didn't even move to get up from the couch! He was all cool acting so I just sat down on the couch with him.  He said he had gotten me something.  He reaches over to the table and hands me a Bumble Bee Transformers cup! (Which I absolutely LOVE the Transformers!) So, I was like "Cool, thanks!".  Then he pulls out a box out of his pocket and said he had something else for me.  I open it and it's a Hummer Truck key chain...at this point my mom and sister were both staring at us.  I thought it was odd, but it was a nice key metal chain and I thought maybe that it kind of tied in with the Transformers thing.  I said "Thank you". All the while, I'm looking at him a little sideways. LOL...THEN he pulls another box out of his pocket. He said he had just one more thing.  This box had my beautiful bridal ring set in it! I was so surprised!! It's like I knew it was coming eventually...but yet I didn't expect it! He asked me to marry him and I was so excited I was kind of shaking a little bit when he placed the ring on my hand. (Kevin still teases me to this day about that!).  Next thing I knew my mom and sister were like "Oh my god!" and jumping around.  My poor niece and nephew were so confused.  LOL, they ask what was happening.   Once my mom told them, they were all excited too.  Everyone was so happy for us.  My mom, one of my two sisters, niece and nephew were there congratulating us! I guess abscense does make the heart grow fonder. ;-)

The Bling...his & hers