Vendor Reviews:

Brookside Travel Agency (Northville, MI): C-
The TA I dealt with was Shelly Andrus.

Oct 14, 2009 - So far my experience with Shelly has been great. She replies to e-mails very switftly and she is very knowledgable with the Sandals resorts and how to get specials & perks. She is very friendly and knows her job!  It seemed to take a while to get my pricing, but I don't think that was her fault. Also, she seems very willing to help our family and friends with booking thier trip. Yes, she gets something out of it, but she seems excited about our wedding and happy to help.

May 30, 2010 - My experience hasn't been as great as it was in the beginning. The level of service has dropped of a lot since we've paid for our trip.  It takes her a while to reply to emails. I'm not sure why. My mom, aunt and FI's parents all booked using other sources. They all said that when they called Shelly her prices were too high. They also said it took days for her to return a phone call.  I'm not sure how that happened, but it did. Also, I ended up just mailing my final payment. I tried to email her to make payment arrangements, but she didn't get back to I just mailed it.  Also there is an issue with our resort credit that has not been resolved and I can't seem to get anything in writting nor a straight answer.

August 2010 - In the end the customer service from my main TA was not good. The comunication was even worse.  I ended up dealing with the owner of the company a few weeks before we left, and sadly, he too was bad with follow up. We did not get all the credits we were promised by the TA...and of course they blamed Sandals. I don't know what the real issue was because it was hard to get straight answers.  When we got to our room, we had 2 bottles of champagne from the travel agency, which was a nice gesture, but it wasn't a big deal because the champagne was included in our package. It wasn't an "extra".  Yet, with all that said, I would not use this company again and I would not recommend them.

Group USA (Auburn Hills, MI): B
My Dress Search/Purchase Experience~

Oct 14, 2009 - My experience here is mixed so far. The 1st time I went, the experience was OK. I tried on about 6 dresses there before I found my dress! Rosa, was not very on the ball with customer service...BUT then again, she did bring me THE dress to try on. My 2nd visit there was great! I dealt with a 2nd consultant who grabbed my dress quickly and let me try it on as long as I wanted, LOL. My 3rd time, I went just to try it on one more time before I purchased it (they have no return policy), I got service from a 3rd consultant, she was OK. Not so friendly, but not bad. She helped me after I asked for help at the front counter. But she was nice about showing me the French and American bustles on my dress. She seemed to get a much nicer when she realized I would be ordering my gown that day....hmm, makes you wonder.

The Needle Nook (Farmington, MI): A+
Gown Alererations~

1st visit - 6.11.10. So far so good. The little old lady who runs the place is so cute. She really knows her stuff and I was in and out.  I felt confident that she knows exactly what I need to be done.

2nd visit - 7.3.10. Maria, was awesome. My dress came out wonderful and her pricing was very reasonable.  If you go to her, tell her Tamara sent you. :-)

Rubber Ducky Designs (Carla, Etsy Seller): A-

Oct 14, 2009 - Yesterday I finished up designing my boarding pass style invitations.

What I do like: What like about her is that she is good at following direction and is very open to your suggestions. She has good e-mail communication skills and she replies quickly.  She seems like a nice lady.

What I didn't like:  I designed them myself....which is okay since it turned out how I wanted. I just didn't expect that.  I thought she would have designed them and let me give feedback.  I gave her a digital copy of my STD and my monogram (that I previously designed), which she used. Nothing on my invitation was something original from the seller.  Like I said, they turned out perfectly, so it all worked out.

March, 2010 - I got my invitations in the mail. It took about 3 weeks to get 50 invitations. Not bad on delivery time. I must say they turned out amazing. She did a good job puting them all together.  The quality of work was very good.

Vista Print: B+

Oct 14, 2009 - Late last week the STDs came in the mail. I was very dissapointed with the cutting quality of the postcards. They were all uneven and looked like someone couldn't cut along the lines! You could see the lines on the back of the post card and my design was not centered due to the bad cutting. BUT they did fix the situation, by giving me an in store credit to re-purchase them.

July 2010 - I got some free items from VP. Of which all turned out well! I got a "Game Over" shirt for DH, which I uploaded the picture myself. I got a "Soon to be Mrs." shirt for myself, which also turned out well, but it was a little to big.  I also picked up a note pad & sticky note pad (both with my new name) and free pen (which the ink was dried up), but it was free, so I can't really complain. The shipping was super fast, which was awesome because I ordered at the last minute!

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